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Saturday, 26 September 2015

7078 - C-FVKN Flies Calgary, AB - Great Falls, MT

7078 - CRJ-100(PF) C-FVKN Avmax Aircraft Leasing, Calgary, AB

Testflown 25-Sep-2015, and flew Calgary-Int'l, AB - Great Falls, MT 26-Sep-2015; C-FVKN was registered to Avmax on 04-Sep-2015, and was previously operated by Jazz Aviation as can be seen in the photo below from 2010.

MSN 7078 - CRJ-100ER C-FVKN
Jazz Aviation
Boston-Logan, MA 10-Sep-2010
Duncan Kirk Photo

Meanwhile, another former Jazz Aviation CRJ-100ER (MSN 7124) C-FXMY is seen inside the Avmax hangar with Regional 1 tail logo. C-FXMY was registered to Avmax on 11-Feb-2015, it returned to Calgary from Great Falls on 12-Aug-2015, and was test flown at Calgary on 22-Sep-2015 and is scheduled for another flight once again today.

JD10884 Photo

Horizon's N617QX is seen below taxiing at Denver in full Frontier Jet Express c/s, where it flew from 2004-2007 before returning to standard Horizon c/s. It went to Skywest Airlines in 2011 and currently wears Delta Connection colours.

MSN 10130 - CRJ-701 N617QX
Horizon Air (Frontier Jet Express)
Denver-Int'l, CO
Aviation Trade Photo

An early build aircraft from 2001, ZS-TBE below was delivered to Brit'air in France as F-GRZA. It was delivered to South Africa in 2013.

MSN 10006 - CRJ-701 ZS-TBE
South African Express
George, South Africa 23-Dec-2013
Bob Adams Photo

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