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Friday, 11 September 2015

Aircraft Update for 11-Sep-2015

7219 - Canadair CRJ-100ER F-GRJK Hop! / Brit'Air, Morlaix

Registration cancelled 01-Sep-2015 as withdrawn from use; aircraft has been stored at Morlaix without engines since at least mid-2014. It does not appear on Hop's list of currently available aircraft.

MSN 7219 - CRJ-100ER F-GRJK
Hop!/Brit Air
Nantes, France 06-Sep-2012
Olivier Cabaret Photo

MSN 7219 - CRJ-100ER F-GRJK
Hop!/Brit Air
Morlaix, France 27-Sep-2014
Yves-Q Photo

7392 - Canadair CRJ-200ER N878TM Regional One Worldwide Services, Miami, FL

Registered to Southern Aircraft Consultancy (Trustee), Bungay, UK 20-Aug-2015; aircraft was previously TZ-RCA in Air Burkina colours, parked at Morlaix, France. It is currently available for sale/lease via Regional One.

The aircraft is seen below wearing Air Mali titles prior to its transfer to Air Burkina.

MSN 7392 - CRJ-200ER TZ-RCA
Air Mali
Bamako 16-Jul-2012
UR-SDV Photo

15375 - Canadair CRJ-900 N954LR Mesa Airlines Inc., Phoenix, AZ

Officially registered 10-Sep-2015 and flew Mirabel, QC - Grand Rapids, MI - Phoenix, AZ 11-Sep-2015 on delivery. At the time of writing, the aircraft had just departed Mirabel.

MSN 7153 - CRJ-200ER ZS-NMI
SA Express
George, South Africa 09-Jan-2014
Bob Adams Photo

MSN 7452 - CRJ-200ER JA201J
Osaka-Itami, Japan 02-May-2015
Lasta29 Photo

MSN 10110 - CRJ-701 N512AE
Envoy/American Eagle
Toronto-Pearson, ON 07-Jun-2014
Kenneth I. Swartz/Aeromedia Communications Photo

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