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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

7779 C-FLKY Test Flown at Peterborough, CRJ Storage Update Teruel

7779 - CRJ-200ER C-FLKY Flying Colours Corp., Peterborough, ON

Test flown from Peterborough, ON 16-Dec-2015 (see blog entry for yesterday as well)

Storage Update - Teruel, Spain 

The following CRJ-200 aircraft were noted still in open storage at Teruel, Spain (LETL) 13-Dec-2015. The aircraft had arrived there during late 2014 and early 2015.

  • 7114 - CRJ-100LR VR-BGH UT Air
  • 7128 - CRJ-100LR VR-BGL UT Air
  • 7130 - CRJ-100LR VQ-BGM UT Air
  • 7165 - CRJ-200LR VQ-BGP UT Air
  • 7200 - CRJ-100LR VQ-BGQ UT Air
  • 7220 - CRJ-100LR VQ-BGR UT Air
  • 7266 - CRJ-100LR VQ-BGT UT Air
  • 7298 - CRJ-100LR VQ-BGU UT Air
  • 7378 - CRJ-200LR VQ-BGV UT Air
  • 7394 - CRJ-200LR VQ-BGX UT Air

VQ-BGV is seen in the photo below at Montréal, prior to being delivered to UT Air, courtesy of Patrick Cardinal.

MSN 7378 - CRJ-200LR VQ-BGV
UT Air
Montréal-Trudeau, QC 07-Oct-2010
Patrick Cardinal Photo

Teruel is a purpose built storage and maintenance airfield located to the east of Madrid. At the moment there are 60+ Russian airliners in storage there.

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