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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Aircraft Update for 20-Jan-2016

7661 - CRJ-200ER PH-ACQ SAMCO Aircraft Maintenance, Maastricht

Flight planned for  Sonderborg - Maastricht 20-Jan-2016 on delivery, ex OY-RJL (see blog entry for 06-Jan-2016)

MSN 7661 - CRJ-200ER OY-RJL
Cimber A/S
Helsinki, Finland 15-Jan-2015
Anna Zvereva Photo

10080 - CRJ-701 S5-AAY Adria Airways, Ljubljana

Entered service 20-Jan-2016 Ljubljana - Vienna, ex D-ACPM

15271 - CRJ-900 C-GSUF Suncor Energy Oil Sands Ltd., Calgary, AB

Left paved surface of taxiway, and became stuck in snow bank after exiting runway 35L at Calgary-Int'l, AB 08-Jan-2016.

Storage Update - Teruel, Spain

The following aircraft were noted still in open storage at Teruel, Spain (LETL) 17-Jan-2016. Compared to the previous report from 13-Dec-2015, this reflects the departure of MSN 7220 which flew to St. Petersburg on 23-Dec-2015 and has since been cancelled to Russia again; and the addition of MSN 7391 VQ-BGW (which I believe was just missed on the earlier report)

  • 7114 - CRJ-100LR VR-BGH UT Air
  • 7128 - CRJ-100LR VR-BGL UT Air
  • 7130 - CRJ-100LR VQ-BGM UT Air
  • 7165 - CRJ-200LR VQ-BGP UT Air
  • 7200 - CRJ-100LR VQ-BGQ UT Air
  • 7220 - CRJ-100LR VQ-BGR UT Air
  • 7266 - CRJ-100LR VQ-BGT UT Air
  • 7298 - CRJ-100LR VQ-BGU UT Air
  • 7378 - CRJ-200LR VQ-BGV UT Air
  • 7394 - CRJ-200LR VQ-BGX UT Air
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