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Thursday, 14 April 2016

Aircraft Update for 14-Apr-2016

Currently (14-Apr-2016) on a test flight from Peterborough is a CRJ-200 using call sign BBA211; perhaps MSN 7211 N888AU?

8058 - CRJ-200 EC-JNX Air Nostrum, Valencia

Flew Valencia - Keflavík 14-Apr-2016 - for ?  The aircraft is seen below in 2015 at Madrid in one of Air Nostrum's white schemes.

MSN 8058 - CRJ-200 EC-JNX
Air Nostrum
Madrid-Barajas 14-Mar-2015
Eric Salard Photo

10004 - CRJ-700 N1RL Bank of Utah Trustee, Salt Lake City, UT

Registered 13-Apr-2016. The aircraft is seen below at Waukesha, WI courtesy of Raydog.

MSN 10004 - CRJ-700 N1RL
Indycar Aviation (Bank of Utah Trustee)
Waukesha, WI
Raydog Photo

Nordica CRJ-900 ES-ACB (MSN 15261) is seen below touching down at Zürich on 07-Apr-2016. The aircraft currently carries Adria titles, and was operating JP310 from Ljubljana.

MSN 15261 - CRJ-900 ES-ACB
Nordica (Adria Airways)
Zürich 06-Apr-2016
Aero-Icarus Photo

15277 - CRJ-900 N666RD First Financial Insurance Company, Hartford, CT

Registration cancelled 13-Apr-2016 on export to Estonia. Flew Brunswick, ME - Montréal-Trudeau, QC 13-Apr-2016. The aircraft is seen below at Peterborough, ON in Jul-2014, courtesy of Kenneth I. Swartz.

MSN 15277 - CRJ-900 N666RD
First Financial Insurance Company
Peterborough, ON 07-Jul-2014
Kenneth I. Swartz Photo

15390 - CRJ-900 C-..... Bombardier Inc., Montréal, QC

Updating blog entry for 12-Apr-2016; officially exported from Canada 13-Apr-2016 to U.S.A.

19047 - CRJ-1000 C-GZUC Bombardier Inc., Montréal, QC

Officially exported from Canada 14-Apr-2016 to Spain for Air Nostrum

MSN 7003 - CRJ-100 F-GNMN
North Bay, ON 04-Jun-2006
Kenneth I. Swartz Photo

MSN 7106 - CRJ-200 VQ-BNL
Moscow-DME, 14-Aug-2012
David Osborn/Aeroprints Photo

MSN 7234 - CRJ-200 ZS-NMM
S A Express
George, South Africa 28-Mar-2013
Bob Adams Photo

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