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Sunday, 17 April 2016

Aircraft Update for 17-Apr-2016

Updated: 1415 EDT - 17-Apr-2016

  • Added entry for 7661 PH-ACQ

7273 - CRJ-100 N739CA Kingman Airline Services Inc., Kingman, AZ

Updating blog entry for 16-Apr-2016; after having flown Bangor, ME - Ponta Delgada 16-Apr-2016, the aircraft continued on to Tenerife-Sur and Abidjan 17-Apr-2016. It is destined for Cemair in South Africa.

7661 - CRJ-200 PH-ACQ SAMCO Aircraft Maintenance, Maastricht

Flew Maastricht - Guernsey 17-Apr-2016 as seen in  the photo below courtesy of  Guernsey Airport Photography. PH-ACQ is a former Cimber example that had been ferried from S√łnderborg to Maastricht back on 20-Jan-2016.

MSN 7661 - CRJ-200 PH-ACQ
SAMCO Aircraft Maintenance
Guernsey, UK 17-Apr-2016
Guernsey Airport Photography

The CRJ-200 fleet at Jazz Aviation continues to be reduced, while it increases over at Air Georgian, supplementing and replacing their early model CRJ-100's. Below are examples of each, C-GNJA with Air Georgian and C-GUJA still with Jazz Aviation. Thanks to Reinhard Zinabold for the photos, and he has a fantastic selection of images from around the world by clicking on his name link.

MSN 8004 - CRJ-200 C-GNJA
Air Georgian Ltd.
Toronto-Pearson, ON 15-Apr-2016
Reinhard Zinabold Photo

MSN 8011 - CRJ-200 C-GUJA
Jazz Aviation
Toronto-Pearson, ON 15-Apr-2016
Reinhard Zinabold Photo

USky CRJ-200 HL8040 is seen below at Gimpo on 17-Apr-2016, courtesy of Daihyun Ji. This aircraft has previously flown with Atlantic Coast/Independence Air, Jazz Aviation and Regional1 Airlines.

MSN 7572 - CRJ-200 HL8040
USky Airlines
Seoul-Gimpo 17-Apr-2016
Daihyun Ji Photo

15390 - CRJ-900 N587NN American Airlines, Fort Worth, TX (PSA Airlines, Dayton, OH)

Updating the blog entry for 15-Apr-2016 aircraft flew Mirabel, QC - Dayton, OH 14-Apr-2016 on delivery to PSA Airlines.

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