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Friday, 22 April 2016

Aircraft Update for 22-Apr-2016

7296 - CRJ-100 VP-BNM Rusline, Moscow

Flew Riga - Moscow-Domodedovo 21-Apr-2016 on delivery; ex F-GRJO which had arrived in Riga on 20-Mar-2016.

7990 - CRJ-200 UR-RUS Coprix Financial/ISD Avia, Donetsk

Registration cancelled 18-Apr-2016. The aircraft is seen below at Vienna in 2011 courtesy of Dietmar Schreiber.

MSN 7990 - CRJ-200 UR-RUS
ISD Avia
Vienna, Austria 13-Apr-2011
Dietmar Schreiber Photo

8061 - CRJ-200 EC-JOD Air Nostrum, Valencia

Noted at Valencia 19-Apr-2016 and flew Valencia - Keflavík - Pontiac, MI 21/22-Apr-2016 on delivery to IFL Group. The aircraft is seen below at KEF courtesy of Jekaterina Filipova.

MSN 8061 - CRJ-200 EC-JOD
Air Nostrum
Keflavík, Iceland 21-Apr-2016
Jekaterina Filipova Photo

15402 - CRJ-900 EI-FPE Cityjet, Dublin

Flew Mirabel - Keflavík - Stockholm-Arlanda 21-Apr-2016 on delivery, for operation on behalf of Scandinavian Airlines.

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