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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Aircraft Update for 27-Apr-2016

8085 - CRJ-200 EI-EEZ Private Sky (Airlink Airways Ltd., Shannon)

Flew Sønderborg - Guernsey 26-Apr-2016; EI-EEZ had previously been parked at Sønderborg, and was delivered to Private Sky in 2009. On 27-Apr-2016 the aircraft was re-registered 9H-YOU as seen in the second photograph. Both of which are courtesy of Guernsey Airport Photography.

MSN 8085 - CRJ-200 (850) EI-EEZ
Airlink Airways Ltd.
Guernsey 26-Apr-2016
Guernsey Airport Photography Photo

MSN 8085 - CRJ-200 (850) 9H-YOU
Guernsey 27-Apr-2016
Guernsey Airport Photography Photo

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