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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Aircraft Update for 16-Aug-2016

7348 - CL600-2B19 N798CA Wells Fargo Bank NW Trustee, Salt Lake City, UT (Sky Swallows)

Registration cancelled 10-Aug-2016 on export to Canada. The aircraft is seen below at Calgary, where it has been in storage since 2009.

MSN 7348 - CRJ-100 N798CA
Calgary-Int'l, AB 13-May-2010
David Osborn/Aeroprints Photo

7379 - CRJ-200 N874TM Southern Aircraft Consultance Trustee, Bungay UK (Regional One Worldwide)

Registration cancelled 10-Aug-2016 on export to Peru; aircraft was delivered to Lima 28-Jul-2016 (see blog entry for 29-Jul-2016.

7471 - CL600-2B19 N888GY Wumac Inc., Portland, ME

Re-registered N860JJ 10-Aug-2016.

7512 - CL600-2B19 B-3008 Jiangsu Business Aviation, Nanjing

Noted at Centralia, ON 14-Aug-2016

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