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Monday, 14 November 2016

CRJ Series Update for 14-Nov-2016

MSN 7187 - CRJ-200 C-GEXM
Avmax Aircraft Leasing/R1 Airlines
Vancouver-Int'l, BC
King F Hui Photo

MSN 15236 - CRJ-900 D-ACNC
Manchester 04-Sep-2014
Andy Holden Photo

The former Bombardier shuttle CRJ-200, which was acquired by Avmax Aircraft Leasing last summer is seen at Toronto-Pearson, ON 14-Nov-2016 with thanks to Reinhard Zinabold.

MSN 7388 - CRJ-200 N591ML
WFBNW/Avmax Aircraft Leasing
Toronto-Pearson, ON 14-Nov-2016
Reinhard Zinabold Photo

15422 - Canadair CL600-2D24 C-GJZS Bombardier Inc., Montréal, QC

Flew Mirabel, QC - North Bay, ON 14-Nov-2016 as BBA922. This is the third Chorus/Jazz CRJ-900 to be flown over to North Bay, with 15420 C-FJZD and 15421 C-FJZL already there.

15423 - Canadair CL600-2D24 C-GJZT Bombardier Inc., Montréal, QC

Test flown Mirabel, QC - Ottawa, ON - Mirabel, QC 11-Nov-2016 as CDR923. For Chorus/Jazz.

19050 - Canadair CL600-2E25 C-..... Bombardier Inc., Montréal, QC

Test flown Mirabel, QC 14-Nov-2016 as CDR150. For Chorus/Air Nostrum.

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