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Friday, 30 December 2016

CRJ Series Update for 30-Dec-2016

Updated: 31-Dec-2016 @ 1100

  • Updated entry for Voyageur CRJ-200 return
  • Updated entry for Jazz CRJ-900 delivery.

MSN 7042 - CRJ-100 5Y-BXD
Fly540 Kenya
Nairobi-Kenyatta 04-May-2012
UR-SDV Photo
MSN 7186 - CRJ-200 5Y-CAR
Avmax Aircraft Leasing Africa
Nairobi-Wilson 14-Oct-2013
Andy Vass Aviation Photo

7299 - Canadair CL600-2B19 C-FWWU Voyageur Airways Ltd., North Bay, ON

Flew Heraklion - Brussels - Keflavík - Goose Bay, NL - North Bay, ON 30-Dec-2016 returning to Canada following United Nations duties in Africa. The aircraft remains in full UN c/s.

MSN 7299 - CRJ-200 C-FWWU
Voyageur Airways/United Nations
Lanseria 14-Aug-2011
David Perston Photo

7394 - Canadair CL600-2B19 N757AV Wells Fargo Bank NW Trustee (Avmax Aircraft Leasing)

Flew Teruel - Keflavík - Iqaluit, NU - Great Falls, MT 29-Dec-2016 on delivery. This is the former VQ-BGX which had been in storage at Teruel since 2014.

MSN 7394 - CRJ-200 VQ-BGX
UTAir Aviation
Tallinn 24-Nov-2013
Anna Zveriva Photo

7915 - Canadair CL600-2B19 C-FUEH World Wide Aircraft Ferrying Ltd., Mississauga, ON

Updating entry for 14-Dec-2016; following cancellation on 13-Dec-2016 the aircraft became B-3248 and flew Farnborough - Moscow-Domodedovo 28-Dec-2016 for Apex Air, Nantong.

15218 - Canadair CL600-2D24 OY-KFC SAS Struktur Freja AB

Updating entry for 22-Dec-2016; restored to register 20-Dec-2016.

15423 - Canadair CL600-2D24 C-GJZT Jazz Aviation LP, Enfield, NS

Flew North Bay, ON - Halifax, NS 30-Dec-2016 as JZA7071 on delivery. First CRJ-900 for Chorus/Jazz Aviation.

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